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 New Home 1 Year Warranty Inspection

Most builders offer a one year warranty on a new home. Before the warranty expires is the best time to identify and inform the builder of any possible or existing problems for correction. This inspection should be conducted in the 11 month of a warranty. With a home inspection we will document any and all problems with the home while the builder is still responsible. Inspection includes Roof, Grounds, Exterior, Interior, Heating, Plumbing, AC, Electrical, Basement/Crawlspace, Structure, Windows/Doors, Walls, Ceilings, Floors, Fireplaces, Appliances, Attics, Insulation and more. Our inspectors will cover all aspects of your home. They will also answer all questions you may have and also provide helpful maintenance tips.

Once you receive your report, you will have the documentation to discuss any problems with the builder. Access Home Inspection specializes in homes coming off warranty. Protect your investment and call us to schedule your inspection. Why pay THOUSANDS later of your own money when the builder will be responsible now.


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